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Week 1 shooting roundup

In the interest of keeping the Twitter feed as spoiler-free as possible, I’ll be putting pictures and other news from the set that we collect from over the Internet here. So you’ve been warned: stuff you see here could, for better or for worse, give away plots, casting choices or surprise cameos, or whatnot.

This was spotted near the set.

So, these next four photos are… interesting. GOB’s Segway is State Evidence? Also, looks like George Michael is a college man now.

This was was snapped by someone with Netflix, as it was tweeted by (and is ©) Netflix.

If I’ve missed anything — either photo credits or additional photos — please leave a comment or catch us on @bluthquotes.

Update: BuzzSugar has this slideshow of nine photos from Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA, where shooting was happening earlier this week.

Sat, August 11 2012 » Behind The Scenes, Pics, Shooting